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Returning to our roots in freedom for all.


The new HUSTLER is evolving beyond erotic, imaginative content – we put the power in your hands to make and choose what you like and aligns with your freedoms.


The new HUSTLER has products, services and educational opportunities for you to exercise your freedom of expression, so you can enjoy, explore and discover new methods and tools to connect to people like you. We will go beyond traditional content and help you put yourself out there.

HUSTLER Brand Background

From beginning as a two-page advertisement for Larry Flynt’s Ohio go-go clubs and evolving to a full-print magazine selling millions of copies, HUSTLER became one of the first US-based publications to showcase explicit images of women, and expanded to include scenes with mixed race porn and trans models.

Yet HUSTLER wasn’t just about sex. The publication featured scathing publisher’s statements that called out American political leaders who stunted freedom. It held unwavering support for the First Amendment, and founder Flynt launched a presidential campaign in 1983 with a basis in expanding citizen's rights.

With HUSTLER’s rebrand, the company steps back into its efforts to further freedom and expand the right to express and access information.


HUSTLER History: A Visual Timeline


Hustler Newsletter advertises Flynt’s Ohio go-go bars. It soon expands to a full magazine.

Larry in front of Hustler_Hustler facebook copy.jpeg


Leaked nude photos of Jackie Onassis Kennedy publish in the August issue. Millions of copies sell and the magazine is a success.

JackieO_HustlerCover copy.png


Flynt experiences bipolar episodes and converts to Christianity after befriending Ruth Carter Stapleton. His wife Althea Leasure Flynt assumes publishing responsibilities.


Flynt is shot outside Gwinnett County Courthouse (Georgia) where he was on trial for distribution of obscene materials. He is paralyzed from the waist down for life.


Flynt announces
his running for presidential nomination.

larry flynt for pres.png


Flynt is sued by televangelist Jerry Falwell for a Campari ad parody. Flynt is convicted of one charge, but the Supreme Court later overturns the conviction.

Larry_Flynt_mtsu copy.jpeg


The People Vs. Larry Flynt, directed by Miloš Forman, releases, detailing Flynt’s life and illustrating his legal battle with Reverand Falwell. Flynt appears in a cameo role as Judge Morrisey.


HUSTLER HOLLYWOOD opens in West Hollywood.


HUSTLER CASINO opens in Gardena, CA.


Hustler purchases a full print ad in Washington Post offering a $10 million reward for information that could lead to Donald Trump’s impeachment.


Flynt dies of cardiac failure in Los Angeles, CA. His wife and publishing partner Liz Flynt assumes head position at Larry Flynt Publications.


After Larry Flynt’s death, HUSTLER rebrands to return
to their roots of free expression without prosecution for all.

History_Flynt_Sidney Baldwin_ColumbiaPicsIndustries copy.jpeg
Trump Ad_Hustler_Adweek copy.png

Who We Were Yesterday


Seedy alleyway bars and boys' locker room talk come to mind with HUSTLER's current branding.

Who We Are Today


Through the rebrand, HUSTLER aspires to show diversity and an unwavering support of the right to speak and assemble.

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