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As staunch advocates of the First Amendment, HUSTLER defends the right to say what you wish, and express yourself freely.

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Organized demonstrations to create change and protect the right to assemble.


Protests in public places to gather like-hearted citizens driven to enact change through protection of free speech and the right to assemble.

Protest for the People supports our mission
to give you a platform to express yourself by creating an opportunity to publicly speak out and show support for the individual rights that make true freedom possible.

Protest for the People will focus on protest through the lens of protecting freedom of expression and the right to access choices that enrich each individual's life, including the right to explore and have access to certain content.

A group of protesters gather to express and support one another's rights.


A student sports a HUSTLER pin while demonstrating near campus.


Volunteers lead a protest connected to civic action.


Legal representation to protect your right to expression.


Legal representation and legislation and policy support for individuals and communities seeking help with protection of individual rights.

HUSTLER Law underscores our commitment to freedom of expression without prosecution by offering a safety net of legal representation for those who can’t afford it otherwise.

HUSTLER Law will give special focus to cases surrounding freedom of expression and individuals who have experienced harm because of the infringement of their own individual rights.

Clients seek pro bono assistance from the firm.

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A team meets with their supervisor
to discuss a case.

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A meeting closes successfully between a lawyer and client.


A creative writing and production class

HUSTLER Pen is an organization designed to help you learn the basics of printing and distributing, and have a home base to publish your work.

HUSTLER Pen supports our mission to give you a platform to exercise freedom of expression by providing a walkthrough of the production of a publication so you can submit and share your work, and invite other writers and artists to share their work with an audience.

This sets participants up with a support system to create their own written publication and learn how to publish others work, plus have a team oriented approach to production.


A HUSTLER Pen mentor looks over her student's work and gives feedback.


HUSTLER Pen members strategize issue layouts when uploading issues to the site


Membership in HUSTLER Pen gives students a chance to learn production and mockup skills.

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